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    Spark TextInput unwanted Validation error

    Santanu Karar Level 1

      Recently I've noticed a strange problem with Spark TextInput control, while using inside a <s:Form> object.


      My requirement was to using regular validation class for validating a form field (TextInput) and show the validation error in a fashioned manner (as we used to see for Flex application - red bordered, roll-over to show error tip). What I noticed now is, whenever I put the TextInput inside a <s:Form> object and validate the field, the error tip coming beside the text input along with an error icon. This in result also stretching(resizing) my form object which cause other elements' alignemtn problem as well.


      I tried to do a custom validator class showing an error tip over, however I anyway can't stop the default error string and error icon show inside that Form object (attached image shown, Password field here using a custom validator class)




      I think I almost tried all the probable properties to stop this pointed area.. any suggestion or, workround?


      Don't know why Adobe fixed this portion in this way.


      Thank you.