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    FlashLite 2.0 Motion+Physics Capabilities

      My name is Mr Ogilvie, I work for a small Japanese mobile phone game development company.

      My question is only related to Flash Lite, therefore I hope this is an appropriate place to post this new thread.
      We would like to create a pinball game for use on a cell phone capable of using FL 2.0.
      We have tested various methods for creating such a game but unfortunately having many issues with the amount of mathematics involved or amount of loops needed to be run.

      The issue lies most likely with the processing power of the cell phones, though this cannot be helped. [We test on a broad range of phones from KDDI, SOFTBANK, TOSHIBA, ect.ect.]

      We have tried using and completed making games with these methods;
      -Vector physics game engine - drawing lines and using vector calculations to find the approach angle and calculate the exact bounce from the normal to the line.
      [Uses a for loop and too much math and worst of all this method is frame dependant]

      -Tile based game engine - well... uses tiles... [frame independent]
      [All was going well until we needed to integrate the flippers which we could not do because there was no way to get an accurate action form the flippers as the ball was being drawn from runtime, not a movieclip like the flippers.

      -Hittests - creating a movieclip of every boundary line in the game and performing hittests upon them with the ball.
      Hittests will work but the ball physics is aweful and again the frame rate is poor so the ball can easily be a long way past the line movieclip before a hittest is recognised [Due to the fact that, again, this method is frame dependant].

      They all work tremendously well using flash player on PC.
      The main cause seems to be when switching to Mobile platform; the frame rate is too low to complete the amount of calculations per frame.

      We searched many resources including the many endless pages on the internet.
      Could bright sparks from Adobe shed some secrets on best methods to script FL 2.0 motion games. Most specifically, pinball. That would be much appreciated.

      Best Regards,

      Mr Ogilvie

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