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    Change Workspace Color?

    DBLjan Level 3

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      we're in the process of changing from awful Quark to Indd. I stumble upon one thing which Indd should have too, but I can't find it (or it hasn't). Can someone help me achieve this?


      As you see above (indd), we have many textboxes with text colored in white. For re-organizing on the page, we move these objects to the left or right of the page, not to heve them in the way while working.
      In Quark I can set in the program-preferences (as you see below) to show the workspace (the space around my page) to a different color than white, which makes white textblock moved aside visible.


      Can I do this in Indd? An if not, how can I manage to keep the text visible on white background?


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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No the background colour can't be changed, as far as I know.


          You could just change the fill colour of your text frame.


          You can set that as an object style and then assign a keyboard shortcut to activate it.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            The only workaround I know, if you don't want to deal with editing an object style to remove the fill later, is to add a layer to the file at teh bottom of the stack, set it to non-printing, and draw a large frame filled withthe colro of your choice that extends onto the pasteboard. You can draw several frames in key areas, or one large one and add a page-sized [Paper]-filled frame over the actual page area, then lock the layer so you don't add any real content to it.

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              Bo LeBeau Level 4

              It seems your issue is really about editing/organizing elements on the page.


              Try using the Layers panel to make thing easier. With different elements on separate layers (all versions of InDesign) or sublayers (InDesign CS5 and newer) you can temporarily lock some elements and easily edit other overlapping elements without having to drag them out of the way. Below I am selecting text on the Black text layer which is underneath the White text layer.


              3 layer InD.jpg

              Another trick for editing White text on a White background is to use Story Editor. Edit menu - Edit in Story Editor. Below I selected the White text on the page which you can't see, and open the Story Editor. You can easier edit the text in Story Editor. The Story Editor is the great feature that InDesign inherited from PageMaker. It's a shame most people are unaware of this feature. It is useful for many other things, not just the technique I just described.


              story editor.jpg

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                MW Design Level 5

                You can always switch to Preview mode when needing to deal with white elements on the pasteboard (shift+ctrl+2 or the Mac equivilents) and switch back once done with working with those elements (shift+ctrl+1).


                Drawing a rectanlge and filling it with say 30% black and locking the layer it is on would be a more or less work-around. But it would need to be done purposefully on each page (I think).


                Take care, Mike

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



                  Your shorcuts do nothing for me. Are you using a custom set? And I don't think switching to preview mode will help at all -- it hides everything on the pasteboard.


                  Your point about the rectangle workaround is valid, but if you use the large rectangle that covers the page and add the paper-filled rectangle on top, and do it on the master page, it does show on all the spreads, at least in CS6 where I just checked. It's important, though to make TWO paper filled rectangles, one for each page, on a two page master.

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                    MW Design Level 5

                    I was just coming back to post a "disregard the man behind the curtain" message. Yep, though the pasteboard changes color, it does hide everything. Pity.


                    Yes, I have added some shortcuts, but I do not believe I changed those ones. CS5.5.


                    Take care, Mike

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Pressing W when no text is active is the default shortcut to toggle preview mode on or off.

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                        MW Design Level 5

                        Then I must have changed it somewhere along the line. Cannot remember doing so, but hey, it would have been past yesterday so I would naturally have forgotten.


                        Take care, Mike