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    Style sheet either not attaching/collapsing.

    jbdreamweaver Level 1

      Hello folks,


      Creating a website, all is going fine, but then I randomly load up the "/reading.html" and everything has collapsed, yet in Dreamweaver window previes all appears fine, as soon as you click preview in webpage/or live web page the whole thing has collapsed.


      Bizzarre and have no idea why it is happening yet.  Certain images are simply not loading; "swishshort.jpg" "reading%20border3.png" and so forth.  I am sure there is something extremely simple which I am missing right now but clearly I am blind to it this second.


      Live webpage link:



      Style (needs to be cleaned up!):



      Style for one reading border:


      Many thanks in advance.






          margin-top: 20px;

          margin-left: 36px;

          margin-right: 10px;

          margin-bottom: 5 px;


          padding-left: 13px;   

          padding-top: 10px;

          padding-right: 165px;