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    Upgrading from Robohelp 6 to Robohelp 10




      I have been working on Robohelp 6 HTML to create a huge online help both CHM and Webhelp (Windows 7 and Office 2010). Now my company is planning to upgrade to Robohelp version 10.


      1. I want to know the impact it will have on my existing Robohelp 6 files.

      2. What points should I keep in mind before saying yes to such an upgrade?

      3. Has any problems been reported as yet after opening the Robohelp 6 files in Robohelp 10?

      4. Can I directly upgrade from Robohelp 6 to Robohelp 10?


      Would really appreciate some help on this. I don't want to recommend something which might end up causing problems for me.



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          us3f Level 1



          I upgrated from version 7 to 9 about a year ago and it was only possible using RH 8.

          My project - created in RH 7 - was pretty messed up when I tried to upgrade directly from RH 7 to RH 9.

          I known this answer doesn't solve your problem but it's just a little info about what to expect if you try to jump over 3 versions.



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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1. it will convert them, so maintain a backup (or several) of the RH6 source files

            2. worry about changes to DHTML dropdowns (may need repairing) & lists - see Peter Grainge's site about conversions

            3. yes, see 2.

            4. yes, but you may experience issues because RH10 is now using XHTML - thus the need for the back up