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    SSLSocket in AIR application


      Hello. Im newbie in this. I have a Java server that receives SSL messages. I'm trying to do simple AIR application that by pressing the button would create a socket to a server and sends him a message. Adobe flex study I started two days ago, so I apologize in advance for the stupid question and for my level of English.In general the problem is this: The application consists of three files: HTML, js and as.I know to work with SSLSockets there are special classes only in atstionstsript. Exaggerated structure of my code is as follows this screenshots:









      When I do debug I get the following error instead of results of actionscript function.


      I think that the most likely error is that the object could not be found for which the function is called, but it is not the final version of the code and I've tried a lot of options as of the examples and documentation of adobe, but for two days I did not. Please help to solve my problem. Thanks in advance for your help.