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    Raid and small length video editing.


      Hi there I am buying a new system - roughly :


      intel core I7 3930k

      Asus P9x79

      32 or 64 gb 1600mhz ram

      windows 8 pro 64 bit



      Now I want to initially edit 1080 HD video  - I currently work off 2 WD 10k raptors 150gb and back up to an external drive. So size is not a big concern right now - I generally do not go past a few minutes.


      So my thoughts were this for my HDs:


      4 OCZ 120gb agility SSDs two pairs in raid 1 basically running off the motherboard raid so 2 of them for the OS and the other 2 for the project\s (which only stay on till the end of project then archived). And another single SSD possibly for caching after effects and maybe the windows page file type thing (not sure how useful this would be)?


      I would then (when I have the money) possibly go for a raid enclosure powered off the esata connection later on for later and hopefully up to 4 - 5k video if needed.


      So does this all sound ok or am I missing something? Some things I was worried about were: is this mobos raid any good - i.e. will I lose some functionality with the ssds etc.? Maybe its better to go with Hard Drives.


      I am also on a budget and have hit the limit so cant spend much more but will do if its worth it - thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Honest opinion: SSDs are good for impressing your friends by replicating Adobe's lab benchmarks, but nothing more. The long and short of it is, that even under ideal conditions you may never reach the transfer rates practically, be it that your project dictates a different kind of footage I/O or the old gag of temporal effects preventing more efficient processing or something else. And even if it were on full throttle all the time - would you want to buy another set of SSDs in half a year? They may have 100000 or even millions of r/w cycles these days, but the old issue sticks: There will come a point where the controller cannot fix memory errors and has no more memory cells in reserve and from there it could be downhill any minute. Yes, sure, it will be cool for a while to see the cache populate before you can even make a burp, but it will be pretty irrelevant after a while. and don't forget: Just like intense GPU processing puts strain on your PCI bus, so will those massive data transfers on your SATA buses. There are simply physical/ electrical limits to all of this. If you really must, get that one SSD for the AE cache and make it the fastest and best one you can get, but settle for platter drives for the rest in the interest of keeping your data safe and your system stable. Can't say much about the RAID setup, despite having the same mobo. At home I prefer silent machines without RAIDs and loud cooling fans...



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            OCZ Vertex 4 are not bad SSD's, even though they would not be my choice. Why put them in raid1? There is no perfomance gain, but there is a doubling of the cost. Why put SATA 6G SSD's on SATA 3G ports or are you intending to use the Marvell ports? Have you taken into consideration the problematic issues with the trim function when raiding SSD's, thereby reducing the performance significantly?


            You say you are on a budget, but it does not sound like it.


            4 Vertex 4 512 GB SSD's in two raid1 arrays give you a net storage space of 1 TB for only € 1250. I rather have 8 Seagate Constellation ES 1 TB disks for € 608. Properly configured it delivers more performance, better speed, far more storage and is only a fraction of the cost. Prices excluding VAT.

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              Abobedoobie Level 1

              Yes I was hoping the trim would work through the motherboard raid :( . I only have 300 to 400 €  for the os and project drives that is my problem. But I guess I might be able to get some more...that is why I was going to just get enough to start working with for now. Hmmm so adobe recommend a separate ssd for cs6 also I noticed some ssd' s are built for cacheing not sure if this works but anyway.


              So what would be the best set up with this situation?

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                Abobedoobie Level 1

                Ps forgot to say it's the pro version of the mobo not the normal one...

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                  Abobedoobie Level 1

                  Sorry about the extra posts - on a mobile that doesn't allow editing :S (andriod flash problem). And sorry I am new to raid so might not be seeing the full picture yet...


                  Ok so say I go 4 good quality HD's for my project disk raid set up (not sure which raid would be best - 1 10 5?) thenssd for OS and cache - the cache can be 1 sinlge disk but I want to be able to carry on working if my OS disk goes down - this is why I was going to do raid 1 on it.


                  So thats 2-3 ssds and 4 HD's.




                  1. The 4 HDs (say they were Seagate Constellation ES1TB for argument sake) -even if they are sata 3 surely they can run off the sata 2 ports?

                  2. What can I do to get a zippy OS setup and have almost no downtime on disk failure? Some kind of clone of the disk to an identical one periodically maybe?



                  The idea of this would be that I can get on with 1080 HD footage projects for now and later on I can add a dedicated raid controller and 4 more HD's to get an 8 disk project disk if I need to go above 1080 or just speed things up generally.




                  3. Would it be ok to then use the 8 drives in an enclosure off an eSATA connection - would this handle 4k or 5k or should I go with internal PCI-e or PCI-e to enclosure through a punch-out hole in the case .


                  Sorry if that's allot - any help would be great!