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    CS5.5 AVCHD and HDV in same Timeline causing HDV combing

    Mitchell Remes Level 1

      I am capturing from a Sony Z1 by Firewire and also working with DSLR footage and AVCHD from a Panasonic.  I am getting combing artifacts (only on the HDV footage) when I export to progressive H.264 or WMV.   I have tried interpreting the HDV footage as progressive under the modify menu.  I have checked the original file outside of PP and it seems fine; I suspected that the problem may have been caused during Firewire capture )apparently not).  The sequence is set up as AVCHD 1080 25p so I guess the HDV is being conformed, could that be the problem?  I have just read about checking the de-interlace option in the fields menu on the timeline, I haven't tried that yet.  Is anybody else having this problem, your help would be much appreciated?