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    ALT - New Layer


      When creating a new layer and holding ALT I do not get the dialog box to appear the new layer is just created.  I've tried to reset my preference twice and this has not help.  Any ideas?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Which OS which PS etc. Also Alt+Ctrl+Shift+N is add new layer without dialog. What are you using in addition to ALT for ALT by itself should do nothing. Where ALT plus clicking on and new layer icon in the layers palette should pop-up the add new layer dialog.

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            ACJ81 Level 1

            Windows 7, Photoshop CS6. 


            In addition to hold ALT I am clicking on a new layer icon in the adjustments palette.  In CS5 if I would do this the dialog box would appear where I could rename the new layer before it would show in the layers palette.  With CS6 when I click the icon and hold ALT I don't get any dialog box the new layer just appears in the layers palette.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Try using Ctrl+Shift+N or Alt + clicking on the new layer icon in the layers palette for when you upgrade to CS6 you will not have a new layer icon in the adjustment panel. I don'tee see that icon in my CS5 adjustment panel either. What do you mean by Adjustment palette?

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                ACJ81 Level 1

                JJMack sorry when I say new layer I meant a new adjustment layer such as levels, curves, hue/saturation etc.  All of these adjustment layer options are located under the adjustments window/panel (which i was calling palette).


                In CS5 if you hold ALT and click on the levels icon in your adjustment panel the dialog box appears where you can rename the layer.  When I do this in CS6 the dialog box does not appear.


                I want the dialog box to appear.  It works if I use Ctrl+Shift+N but I want it to work when I click and hold ALT and it is not.

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  That doesn't work anymore in photoshop cs6.

                  (it would be nice if it was fixed)


                  Two other ways to get the dialog would be from the flyout menu on the adjustments panel (don't have to hold any modifier keys down)

                  or hold the alt key down while selecting the adjustment layer from the bottom of the layers panel.







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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    I see you using ALT so you on a PC. On my Window 7 PC both the 32 bit and 64 bit Photoshop CS6 pop-up the new layer dialog when the alt key is held down and the Adjustment Panel Fly-out menu or the layer Palette adjustment icon menu is used the add any adjustment layer type. I have change some Preferences from adobe defaults.  I edit in floating windows but I tried both Tabbed and float and still get the new layer pop-up dialog when the ALT key is used.