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    Videos out of sync when imported into Premiere and only Premiere.

    Katsutoshi13 Level 1

      Been trying to fix this for a while and im out of ideas, Using 64 bit, CS5.5, same problem in CS6 Trial and when reverting back to CS5. Most of my videos are recorded in the M2TS format, when i play them in Media Player or use Sony Vegas the files playback Perfect. When i import them into Adobe Premiere the Audio and Video are out of sync by about a second. Why is this only happening in Premiere? Its a recent problem, is there a way to correct this? I could manually fix it by seperating the audio and video but if using multiple clips, i get a break in the audio which isnt good. Sometimes the video files seem to be fine, other times i have this problem. Time duration doesnt seem to affect it. At the moment i'm having to use Sony Vegas since Premiere seems to be unreliable at the moment and considering the price i pay for this software, i'm not very happy about that. I would rather use Premiere, Vegas is too basic for my needs.