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    How do I make a main menu for a game?



      I need to make a main menu for this tower defense game that I am making.  I have 2 parts to the menu that I need to put together.  I have it as follows:


      I have a start screen where the player presses the start button.  I now need it to take the user to the main menu itself.  I have both the start menu and main menu in the same document but on different layers.  I have a button labeled as start which I have set up to where when it is clicked, it changes colors but I also need it to hide/show the menu layer.  I just need the that start button to take users to the menu layer where I have 3 more buttons which are resume, new, and options.  I will need those buttons to go to their different layers also.  After users hit the resume or new buttons, I need the game itself to start which I will start making after I figure out the other issues. 


      I am new to Flash and I really want to learn how to make tower defense games.  For now, I am using http://www.ehow.com/how_7788131_make-tower-defense-game-flash.html as a guide to make the game stuff but it doesn't say anything about a main menu.  I am using a trial version of Flash Pro CS6 and it is due to expire in 28 days.


      Any and all help will be great! Thanks, xp3tp85