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    Can I replace an animated Image

    Comp. 792 Level 1

      Using AE 5. I have imported a .png and animated it but now unfortunately I need to replace it with another .png but want to keep it’s position and animation properties ( I don’t want to reanimate it) Is there a “replace image" or some other way to replace the image but keep it animated?


      I tried selecting the image in the project files then selecting (replace footage > browse to file) but I think this only replaced the image in the Project folder and not in the timeline?


      How do I replace an image already in the timeline?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Replacing footage in the project window will replace footage in the timeline because the footage in the project panel is only a reference to the original. If you've replaced the png it has to be replaced in the comp because the original doesn't exist any more. If your original footage is still there then you didn't replace it.


          If you want to replace the footage in a layer in the timeline with different footage from the project panel then all you do is select the layer in the timeline then select the new footage in the project panel, hold down the Alt/Option key and drag the new footage from the Project Panel to the Timeline. All Done, All Thru...


          These instructions are available if you type Replace footage in the Search field at the top right corner of AE or if you search the help files, or if you look at the keyboard shortcuts from the help file.