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    Can I exceed my manufacturer supported Ram memory limit?

    mystickid Level 1

      I have a 2 yr old computer from  Nov. 2010.   I bought it as a performance desktop but not as a video editing machine ( I got into DSLR videography in summer 11').


      Here are my current specs:

      Windows 7  64bit

      12GB Ram

      i7-2600 Processor at 3.4 GHz


      I'm saving up for CS6  production premium so I'd like to upgrade some of my machine components to confidently handle it.



      I have 4 slots for memory on my motherboar, currently at 12GB ram. (2,4,2,4 setup.)


      The crucial website says for my desktop model (HP HPE-510t), do not exceed 16GB.  I would like to go for 24GB or ideally 32GB ram.

      Will I fry my computer or cause any issues if I exceed the 16GB limit?