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    Auto Color Effect Issue


      When I put the Auto Color effect onto a clip, it does an extremely good job of correcting colour but the movie clip (1080p from a Canon dSLR) then appears to flicker, even after rendering? Does anybody know what I need to do to correct this?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Most of the "Auto" Effects suffer from what you describe. They really only work so long as everything, the exposure, the lighting, everything, is uniform for the whole Clip.


          Most use one of the Color Correction Effects, and not Auto Color, Auto Levels, etc.


          About the only way to get the Auto Color to function, when the Clip is not uniform, is to Razor the Clip, when there are change in lighting, or exposure, but that is tedious.


          Good luck,



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            tacbob Level 1

            Thank you Bill.



            I just need a quick way to correct white balance differences and the auto color did it very well.

            Three-way colour corrector maybe?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For White Balance correction, I like the Fast Color Corrector. Less power than 3-Way, but with fewer parameters, it IS fast, good and pretty simple. Explore that first, to see if it will get you what you need, and without the strobbing, that I see most of the time, in Auto Color.


              Good luck,