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    From Indesign to Illustrator characters lost transparency

    kililio Level 1



      I'm wondering, Is there a way to export an .indd file to .ai file in the export panel?


      I got this current image in InDesign, the title is nice and melting well with the background




      Now I export the work in .eps (only choice available for me) to work in Illustrator


      and I get this




      What happened? how to make it right like in the first pic in InDesign case?


      Thank you very much

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          tman69 Level 3

          when you export as EPS your transparency gets flattened--hence the white box--export as an unflattened PDF--then place that file.

          (it's also possible that the white box is due to the 'preview' settings, check by going to VIEW>DISPLAY PERFORMANCE>HIGH QUALITY DISPLAY)




          note: your workflow is kinda backwards--most designers build their art in illustrator--save as an .ai file then place that into InDesign.

          note also:  you can place an Indesign file into another Indesign file (although it won't be editable using this method)