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    Images not displaying

      Instead of posting this new Issue in the other topic i had about the similar system, because it is a separate issue I thought it'd be best to keep them separate.

      Ok so basically a user uploads a file, I rename it and store it in an images folder and write the location of the image to a text field in the database. All goes well up to here, the full path to the file gets written to the database perfectly with the new filename etc,

      However when I try to print the images things go wrong. according to the page source from when I test it the img src tag is perfect with the correct file path and everything, however no image gets displayed at all. Here is the code on fo it and then the page source code. Any ideas?

      <cfoutput><img src="#Recordset2.prof_img#" alt="Default Profile Image" /></cfoutput>

      <img src="C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\Portfolio_Project\images\userimgs\10040308021010.jpg" alt="Default Profile Image" />

      This one has me stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated.