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    Premier Pro CS6 unable to open project exported by After Effects CS6

    Whirled Creative Level 1

      I ge the following error when trying to import a simple animation sequence project exported from After Effects CS6.



      Sorry about the big cursor. I'm too frustrated and tired to fix it.


      It's a text animation with a song in the background: something a 5th grader could do in their sleep. I'm on hour 8 trying to get a compiled version that is suitable for YouTube.


      I thought Premier Pro might do a better job since After Effects keeps messing up the final version and Media Encoder isn't helping.


      Any thoughts?


      Or better yet, if you know a program that I can animate simple text on the screen while a song plays in the background, let me know. I feel like I am using an electron microscope to find a splinter in my hind quarters. Or at least it feels like a splinter (probably just my head once again).


      Thanks in advance for both your patience in my frustration and your advice.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, what is the audio source? What are the exact comp settings? What system? The error is perhaps a bit poor in the wording, but the meaning is actually quite clear. one of the following things could be at play:


          • You are using a strange compressed audio format.
          • Your comp settings do not match your PPro Sequence settings.
          • One or more of your sources cause PPro to try and use hardware accelerated playback and there is a conflicht with AE on that.


          Fix those issues and it might work. Adjust your comp settings, convert the audio file, substitute the source files with proxies or converted versions in a more firendly CoDec.