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    Problem opening large PSD files


      Helo, We have 5 designers sharing design files across a windows network. Everyone is running  photoshop CS6 cloud subscriptions (which have auto updated to 13.0.1).

      The team have created and opened PSD files fine since July. Over the last 3 weeks we have had 5 files so far become unopenable - we get the message: “could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version”. Could it be that they are too large? The problem files are larger than the rest at around the 1GB mark. We are running HPZ210 PCs with Windows 7, solid state drives for the software, regular HDD for the data, and 16 GB Ram. One file at least was housed on a hard drive as well as the server and neither the local or network version of the file opens so it doesn’t seem to be a server issue. Five people on different subscriptions and computers have tried opening the files to no avail. Files were working ok one day, then not opening the next. Anyone know of any possible fixes, or whether the files are just too large?

      cheers, Liz

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          Curt Y Level 7

          According to past posts maximum file dimensions are 300,000 pixels in either direction.  Or 2 gig with a PSD.


          PSB is  your best choice for huge files - it's PSD without the 2 Gig file limit.


          So probability not too large.  Every so often I see a user that saves a PSD file and then can not open it.  Somehow it becomes contaminated.


          If you have other software that can open it, like Infranview, open it and "copy as" and see if that will work.

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            LizMWP Level 1

            Hey Curt, thanks for replying so quickly. I found the guff below re PSB, will check out this and the pixel counts with the team and post back.

            cheers, liz


            PSB is a file extension for an image file used by Adobe Photoshop. PSB files are a large document format similar to a PSD file but for a larger image size. The largest image size supported by a PSD file is 30,000 by 30,000 pixels.

            PSD file support has to be enabled in Photoshop's Preferences pane first, then PSB files can be saved at an image size up to 300,000 by 300,000 pixels. PSB files can be opened by Adobe PhotoShop CS or later. PSB files can be exported as TIFF for compatibility with other software.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Your designers are saving their files directly to your network server?


              Don't do that.  Photoshop does not work well across networks.


              Try to get them in the habit of saving the file locally then copying the file to the network server.


              I'm not sure why the locally-saved file would not open.



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                LizMWP Level 1

                Thank Noel,

                Everyone is now saving all files to local drives before copying to the server so we'll see how we go. Folks were keeping files within the 30,000 pixel height/width and will keep doing so. We're going to trial saving large files as PSB as well as PSD a back up.

                Thanks very much for your input, (and your's Carl) much appreciated.

                cheers, Liz