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    Adobe Premiere Pro post update crash by VSTs


      I recently updated my CS5.5 and 6 on two different computers.  When I attempted to start Premiere Pro (PP) it would crash on startup.  I tried another computer - same thing.  I also noticed that PP started to scan my VST folder with all the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) .dll files.  I found this odd (new) and kind of cool (the idea of using third-party VST effects in PP was appealing).  Unfortunatelly, the application crashed everytime.  Suspecting the large amount of VSTs in my folder, I renamed the default VST folder (temporarily) causing PP to skip the scan.  The application launched without a hitch. Instead od renaming the VST folder depending on the app I want to use, is there a way to change the settings within PP to not scan certain folders or perhaps change it in the registry?

      Thanks for your help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          PrPro can use many VST's, but for this discussion, there are three "types" of VST's:


          1. Those that PrPro can load and use
          2. Those that PrPro can load, but not use
          3. Those that PrPro cannot load, nor use - crashes here


          Once, the only way to handle the "Type 3's," was to remove them, or hide them, but as of about CS 4 (?), PrPro changed how it handled the Type 3's. Now, it writes a "blacklist" for VST's, to let the program know that it cannot load them. While this WAS an improvement, it was not a perfect solution. What one needs to do is re-launch the program, and perhaps many times, depending on the number of those Type 3 VST's, until PrPro has cataloged them all. Once one has done that, unless they add new Type 3 VST's, or alter that blacklist, PrPro will then know NOT to try and load the Type 3's. This will mean several re-launches, but it shoud be a one-time deal. To be ideal, IMHO, it would be better if PrPro could "pause" on each initial encounter of a Type 3, write to the blacklist, then move on to the next, and the next, until all were either loaded, or blacklisted, saving all those re-launches. Maybe in CS 7?


          Now, one should note that there are the "Type 2" VST's, which load OK, but still cannot be used. There is not list of those in PrPro, per-se, and at one time, and on the very first encounter of those, PrPro would issue a one-time message to that effect, but never make note of those again - they would load, cause no issues, but just not appear in the Effects list. If the user missed that first-time message, they might wonder, "Where is my ____ VST in the Effects list?"


          As to why PrPro is still "finding" your VST's, after you moved them - PrPro surveys the entire system, as some VST's get placed in different folders. The way to really "hide" the VST's, and on a PC, was to locate them in the Desktop Folder, one place that PrPro does not look. However, that meant that for some other programs, the user would have to change the Path to the VST's to the Desktop Folder. That usually worked, BUT the Desktop Folder (remember, I am talking about a PC only, and do not know about Mac's) does have some special properties, and some other programs could not access the VST's there. That was only a partial workaround, and had the potential to mess things up for other programs. With the new survey/blacklist method, all that it should take is time to launch, re-launch, re-launch, etc. That is better, than in the old days, but still imperfect.


          Good luck, and hope that helps,




          PS - Note that those "Types" are not anything official, but are used as an example only - a Google search on "Type 3 VST's" would likely only yield one of my articles, and without the context, be meaningless.

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            Lutra212 Level 1


            Thanks for the info. I spent the time and "blacklisted" all the VSTs that were causing the crash (mainly Native Instruments). For others with the same issue - you have to create "Blacklist.txt" file inside any subfolder that contains a .dll file that you want PrePro to omit. Inside the txt file - list line by line the .dlls and save. Once complete, restart computer and re-launch PrePro.  It takes a while if you have multiple locations for VSTs, multiple subfolders within each but it does work.  Hopefully, in future versions, Adobe will incorporate a "preference" menu that will allow to tell PrePro where and which VSTs to use.

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              Thank you, Lutra212. 


              I have made several requests to Adobe about adding a VST plug-in manager. Every other program I have that has the capability of using VSTs (Cubase, Notion, Studio One, VE Pro, etc.) even Audition! -- anything that deals with VSTs does not scan them until you specifically add the folder or put it in some sort of default folder.


              Everytime I do a major update to Premiere, or have to trash the prefs, it takes Premiere like six or seven times of crashing on start before I can even use the program.


              I wish the Premiere guys would take a clue from the Audition guys on this and simply add a VST plug-in manager.  I can say for sure I'll never be using Kontakt 5, Omnisphere, or any other VSTi inside of  Premiere.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Yes, the Native Instruments VST's do seem to cause issues for PrPro. It has been that way for many versions. Not sure what the issues are, but NI VST's come up fairly often.


                I would ask for PrPro to "continue" the process of blacklisting, rather than requiring a re-launch, for each one. However, there might be some reason, down deep in the code, that precludes this continuation, while blacklisting each faulting VST.


                The re-launch is not a "deal-breaker," as once the blacklisting process has completed, one should not have to do that again, unless they have to uninstall, then reinstall, or they add other VST's. Still, on a basically DAW system, it can be time consuming, and many users are not aware of what is happening, so they just assume that PrPro has crashed, and is likely to not launch proplerly, regardless of how many times they try. Having a pop-up, it the continuous processing of the VST's is not possible, would at least alert the user to keep trying, until all faulting VST's have been blacklisted.


                Just my "wish list."



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I wish the Premiere guys would take a clue from the Audition guys on this and simply add a VST plug-in manager.

                  With enough Feature Requests, similar might happen. It has been awhile, since I filed my last Feature Request for this, or similar, so I need to get busy.



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                    CSTeam3 Level 1

                    Well, you're not given the choice of continuing.  Premiere just stops responding.  But at least it does blacklist the offending .dll and starts the rescan again on relaunch.


                    Anyhow, a simple plug-in manager would fix this.  You know, don't scan anything until I tell you what to scan.