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    compc: cannot resolve <mx:Object to a component implementation


      I need to migrate a component library to Flex 3.0 but i am running into problems with one simple component when trying to build the swc by the compc command line tool from within an ant script. In FB3.0 the library is created as expected without any errors. So here is my component:

      <mx:ApplicationToolbar xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml".....>
      <mx:Object id="xyz">

      Using flex 3.0 compc I get the mentioned error:
      "cannot resolve <mx:Object id="xyz" to a component implementation"

      What is wrong? Why the compiler does not complain when using FB 3.0 ?
      (Compiling with flex 2.0.1 compc works fine too)

      Hope someone can help me.

      Thanks in advance,