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    Render video with embedded markers?

    Darius Family

      I once brought in an quicktime animation file someone gave me and when I dropped it into a comp there were markers already in place on the video!


      I'm wondering if its possible to render a video and somehow embed the markers?

      The benifits would be that I can mark sync points for editors when using multi layered graphics.


      Just wondering if this is possible & if not, could it be possible later on?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That depends entirely on whether the format supports embedded markers. Quicktime does. Windows Media does. FLV does. In fact even footage from cameras does. now the bad news: AE most of the time AE is not able to read this stuff. These things are not unified across different formats and recording devices and eventually it became too much trouble and never worked right. So more or less the answer is no. it would be better to provide the native files to people you work with to make sure such metadata stuff actually comes through.



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            Darius Family Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! I was hoping I just wasnt seeing the "Embed markers" button on the output module box ]

            What do you mean when you say native files?