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    Best way to group/create a large mosaic of film clips?

    flashvenom Level 1

      I created this in Apple Motion and am trying to recreate in AE. It's so super simple really but very beautiful.



      Short rant: As an actual professional graphic designer (who does occasional video and 3d work) I've more and more realizing Apple doesn't care about working professionals and thier software shows it. I made this clip, and the UI slowly began to degrade and then it wouldn't render certain clips, now it takes 15 minutes just to load the file.


      I've tried creating a pre-comp but I'm concerned when I create it, it isn't the best way to accomplish what I need in the end. I just need to create one large mosaic, then have it as one layer so I can zoom in and out of it, create masks with it, etc. I wish there was a way to create one HUGE canvas (108000p LOL) so I can lay everything out exactly how I need it, then plop that into my 1080p project.


      Can anyone provide a few ideas / features / directions to research and move forward with?


      Thanks so much!