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    relocation of by ADOBE ID


      I can't purchase a product because my ADOBE ID was created in France and I now leave in Belgium. During the purchase it tells me I am not in teh right country.


      i can't create a new ADIBOE ID as I have a single email and it tells me another ADOBE ID is already connected to this email.


      How can I relacote the ADOBE ID to belgium or create a new one. Can you delete my current ADOBE ID so that I can recreate it.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Contact support by phone and have them flip the right switches.



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            jordrengerve Level 1

            Thank you Mylenium for the tip,


            Unfortunately if you would try to find a phone number of the support which is reachable on the website you would certainly find yourself as cornered as I am since yesterday. Anytime I click on pages for support i am redirected from the Belgium pages to the Us ones. Back and forth <->  ...  $-{


            I even tried the chat. I found myself stuck with a "person"/"robot" explaining me that the phone number of the sales team which I told them is not reachable from Belgium should still be reachable during office hours. Unfortunately the technics is what it is no such thing exist on earth: when a phone number dial doesn't reach a destination it doesn't matter at what time you call.


            So if anybody can explain a dumb IT guy how to find a Belgium phone number on a web site for either support or sales team, you are welcome to help.



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I just checked and it seems the actual support pages redirect to the neighboring countries, i.e. to France for French Belgium and The Netherlands for Dutch/ Flamse. Perhaps you should try those phone numbers. Other than that you might consider asking P.E.Courtejoie in a PM if he knows what to do and who to contact. He is, after all, a fellow Belgian.



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                jordrengerve Level 1



                I cant thank you more. You have tried to help me a lot but I can't find the online page you mention where it list the support in neighboor countries.


                Whatever the link I follow from photoshop.com, including log in, with my regional setting set to Belgium, I am forward to http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/ where there is no way to tell the region you are interested in. There is a region setting in the end of the page but when I set it I am always forwarded to http://www.adobe.com/be_fr/ and when I try to follow links to support I arrive at http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/ back in English. You must have a secret path to the support.


                I can't get through it. I really feel dumb but if you would tell me how to reach P.E.Courtejoie I would be happy stopping bothering you with my troubles.



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                  jordrengerve Level 1

                  I manage to get some help with the 24/7 chat. Thank you so much for your adives.

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                    You have been of great help.


                    I finally managed to contact somebody on the chat who meant to be of great help and managed to relocate my ADOBE ID by delting/recreating. Then the trouble of managing to purchsaing started. I had to try 4 time to purchase a product (trying with FF, Chrome, IE) but I had to wait for a Saturday  morning quiet bandwidth time I guess to managed to get through it, i kept on gettting Error 404 errors, can you believe this ?


                    Whatever all this is done, thanks for your great help too. You were very kind and understanding.