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    Greek + Russian (non-latin) hyphenation is a mess…


      Hi all,


      there's a bug in FM's hyphenation since FM8, and I'm wondering if anybody has a solution for it other than turning hyphenation off (which is not an option here).


      Whenever the document language requires Greek or Cyrillic letters, hyphenation randomly happens without the hyphen, there's just a line break within the word (at the correct position, though, just without the hyphen). This behavior seems somehow to depend on the distance of the hyphenated word to the right frame border, so deleting or adding single letters before the hyphenated word may cure or cause the problem at this specific position. Same is true with manually editing the spacing or horizontal scale of the text in question. Hyphen appears, hyphen disappears, without being 100% reproducible (for me).


      However, not speaking Greek or Russian myself, I get hundreds of corrections during reviews, because (during DTP) I don't recognize the lines and words where this happens. I've noticed this problem with FM8 and FM9 in Win XP and Win 7, on several independet FM workstations, so it's not just a local problem.


      Does anybody know if this has been fixed with FM10 or FM11? Or any other solution that cures the problem? I'd really appreciate any ideas… which allow hyphenation in these languages.




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          Jeff_Coatsworth Rockstar

          If no-one knows for sure, why not try out a trial copy on a non-production machine & see for yourself?

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            Be.eM Pioneer



            I already have an installed FM10 license, but changing the software version in a collaboration environment (we, doing the tech writing, localization agencies, customers prescribing software versions etc.) is not a simple "let's try it" step. As I'm not able to "see for myself" where the hyphens are missing now, I wouldn't be able to see that in any other software version as well. So it takes at least one complete test procedure starting with the freshly translated MIFs and ending at the complete review by a native speaker. And then there's still no guarantee, because of the extremely randomized nature of this bug. Hyphens may even appear during a save - close - reopen cycle, and they may disappear with correcting a hyphen in a line above. This isn't even reversible by undoing the last action, the result may be two hyphens in two lines, no hyphens in two lines, or one in a randomly choosen line.


            So my "wish" here is finding someone who actually KNOWS if this "well aged" bug is identified or fixed, which would give me a reason to request that version change for all concerned parties in that process.



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              Jeff_Coatsworth Rockstar

              My suggestion was assuming you had a chunk of already identified "bad" content that you could copy & try out in a copy of FM11 - I wouldn't waste your time messing about with FM10, since that version's been superseded.


              Best of luck ;>)

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                Be.eM Pioneer

                Thanks, Jeff, I actually have a chunk of identified bad content. I will give it a try, but the doubts will remain without a more or less "official" confirmation. I mean: if it had been fixed, somebody would surely know about this. Bugs usually don't fix themselves by just changing the software version number



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                  Jeff_Coatsworth Rockstar

                  Have you read the FM Read Me's? There's a whole pile of stuff that gets changed without any mention at all ;>)

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                    Be.eM Pioneer

                    Oh… you mean the name "read me" means that I'm supposed to read that?


                    Yes, I did (up to version 10), and if I haven't overlooked something, it's not specifically mentioned. And - apart from that - I've really had my fair share of FM bug research work. I'm the one who (after months of testing) originally identified the "FNTCACHE.DAT" file as part of the PDF creation problem, which led to the MS patch 9 months later (after having been a problem for years). Also the CMYK fix implemented in the latest FM 10 patch is (although not solved by me, there are other users earning these merits) partially driven by my constant nagging and testing. So sometimes I just feel the wish to ask a question and find someone who knows the answer. Purely egoistic and lazy, I know. But dreams must be allowed… before starting the next episode of weeks of testing.



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                      Be.eM Pioneer



                      First test in FM10 shows: hyphenation is not automatically changed/corrected after simply opening the file. However, after globally disabling and re-enabling hyphenation the newly hyphenated words seem to be OK and include the hyphen. Now… is this the rule or just luck? Well, who needs a weekend anyway