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    How to use fw.reloadTextures?

    motionman95 Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I'm trying to use the new Fireworks CS6 API function, fw.reloadTextures, and cannot get it to work. It will just return 'null' and the texture cache isn't reloaded.


      Help, please?




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          motionman95 Level 1

          Solved my own problem, but took awhile. Turns out all documents have to be closed before the texture cache will update.

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            groove25 Level 4

            Really? Given that most commands are run from within an open document, that seems of limited utility. Do you see a use for it?


            I guess I'm a little skeptical that it's working as intended.


            BTW, I just performed a quick test to determine under what conditions the Texture menu will update itself if a new texture is added. It seems that if the texture is added into the Configuration folder within the user library application support folder and the application is restarted, then the menu will be updated; otherwise, not. So in that light, fw.reloadTextures() may be an improvement over the application's default behavior, but not by that much.