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    Word to PDF hyper Link conversion

    mark farrell

      I have a series of word documents (3 or 4 pages each) that are linked to each other Via hyper links. I.e Contents page has text which is hyperlinked to section 1, section 1.1, ect, each of these is a separate word document. When i complie word documents into a single PDF the hyper links convert over, however when I click on section 1 on the contents page it trys to open the orginal word document.


      Is there a way to get the compiled PDF to transfer the links so it goes to the relavent page within the PDF


      Thank you

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Word for the Macintosh has been crippled when exporting, as compared to Word for Windows. It cannot export hyperlinks, bookmarks, etc. Unfortunately, you'll have to re-create the links.


          We've been arguing for at least a decade about whether this is Microsoft's fault or Adobe's fault, but it just doesn't work.

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            Phillip M Jones Level 4

            Its Adobe's Fault.


            You can can take a word file saved with link and take to PC and open either with Word PC and create a Pdf with Links that work.


            Or you can drop on Acrobat  and create the pdf and the links will work. Its squarely Adobe's Fault.


            The delevopers don't want to be bothered with fixing trouble so they make excuses and say it’s a problem with Apple nd MS.


            with Office2011 sharing code with Office2007/2010 now . There is no excuse. The developers need to get their head out of their Axx and fix the problem.