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    Premiere CS6 locks up on launch

    Mild Mannered Reporter

      I am using a Windows8 Platform and have successfully downloaded Photoshop and AferEffects using the Cloud Adobe Application Manager.


      However, after downloading and installing Premiere in the same manner, I launch the product and it exhibits the following:


      1. GUI is oversized for the screen monitor size (1366 x 768)

      2. Only the menu bar appears, otherwise the GUI is inclompleted in opening

      3. Clicking on any portion of screen elicits the Windows sound for unaccessible


      Using Task Manager, I looked to see if any information boxes or such had opened upon launch. None were evident.


      The only way I can close Premiere is by using Task Manager


      I have uninstalled and re-installed using the Creative Cloud Adobe Application Manager, but this did not change the results.


      Can someone help me?