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    Graphics Card Help!!!




      At the start of the year i bought an ATI HD 7950 card, before i really looked into using Premiere Pro. My work (and now hobby) means that i'm spending more time on PP, but i've since realised that i bought the wrong graphics card. Having read other users posts, and replies, and more posts, and more replies (you get the point), i've now become paralysed with indecisiveness. Can anyone help me decide on a good card that will render well, and within £350-370?


      I looked at the GTX 670, but then i checked the gains over a GTX 580 and it appears that the 580 beats the 670. Should i go for a GTX680 (2GB) rather than a GTX670 (4GB)? What card is the best bang for buck at the moment, and what size of memory (i.e. 2GB/4GBetc) based on my budget.


      I'd appreciate a bit of help in this matter, as this is the second machine build in one year - and if there's a prize for buying the most expensive worst performing parts then i win hands down!


      Thanks folks,