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    data merge malfunction


      I have an Excel file (which I export as a csv) and an indesign file that's set up perfectly in my opinion, but I don't know.  I've put Paragraph styles on it and have he csv file in the images folder. the csv file has the right set up with @images etc... but it is just working for the first one.  when I go to "Create Merged" then choose multiple record, the preview comes up wrong. Ive tried without doing preview and it still comes out bad. Ive filled all the blanks with "---" as place holders, still won't work. 


      Basically my first product comes in great, but then the rest of them come in mixed up. For instance the description will go to the title or the "type" will go to the "Title" etc... Its just having issues and I can't pin point it. I have a client who is waiting for his product cataloge and I am struggling. hopeing I dont have to do it all by hand, but I really need help. 


      Any ideas? 


      Thanks so much either way,  josh




      I can put on the image files and the indesign file too, but I feel like its a problem with my Excel file.


      I am using a mac, indesign cs5