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    sound stops

    mike ryan 1963

      I loose the sound 30 seconds into the video. I'm trying to watch a file and any of the files that are more than 30 seconds, the audio stops and the video keeps playing.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Most likely you didn't let the program conform the video completely before you started editing.


          Right-click on the clip in the Project Assets panel (which might have a different name if you're using a version other than 11) and Clear the clip. Then re-import into your project and wait for the program to fully conform the clip before you start to edit. You can watch its progress in the lower right corner of the interface.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve, as that is the most common cause of truncated Audio. For more background, see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3305940#3305940


            Good luck, and please let us know if complete Conforming fixes the problem.



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              mike ryan 1963 Level 1

              This is happening on the organizer. Some of the thumbnails show a video image and some show a hour glass. I started clicking on a lot more clips and some will have audio after 30 seconds and some don't.  I have premier elements 11 on windows 7.  Some have a black arrow to the right of the clip, what is that for?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                OK, that is different. The Organizer (like another software player) is accessing the actual, original Audio from the file on the HDD. When one is editing, in Premiere, they are actually dealing with the CFA file (created via Conforming, in the Media Cache folder), to allow for precise editing.


                Why Organizer would have a truncated Audio Stream, if WMP, VLC, etc. would play the Audio properly, is a mystery to me. The only thing that I can think of would be an issue with Organizer buffering the Audio for playback. That can often happen, when one has an Audio file on a slow (usually 5400 RPM) HDD. Some players can buffer better, and faster, than others can.


                When you Import the file(s), allow for Conforming to complete 100%, then drag the Clip to the Timeline, do you loose the Audio there too? If you do, when you look at the Audio Clip's Waveform (might have to zoom both vertically and horizontally to see it clearly), does it go flat-line?


                What is the speed of the HDD, where your files are located, and also where the Media Cache is located?


                Good luck,