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    Flex Mobile Images


      Hi, I am unable to see my Images in the adobe flex mobile project. I am able to see the picture before load but once the program is run the image disappears? I have tried changing the picture. The source path and the source path in source code. I really do not see what the problem is the path must be correct because the picture would not appear. I also have tried embedding the picture which still does not work. Can anyone suggest any options for me please?


      The image is Source I have tried: -

      <s:Image id="pic" x="48" y="53" smooth="true" source="@Embed('Assets\cat.jpg')"/>


      Also attempted: -

      <s:Image id="pic" x="48" y="53" smooth="true" source="('Assets\cat.jpg')"/>




      In design the source: -



      Also: -



      Can anyone please help me as I am really struggling to find a soloution.


      The images are saved in the Assets folder