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    Import MP4 Audio Issue


      I'm trying to import an MP4 file which came from a capture device and I have never had an issue before. However now whenever I try to import this particular file and move it to the timeline the audio is completely broken, out of sync and it skips an awful lot. I've tried playing this file in Quicktime and MPlayerX and both play it absolutely fine. I've also tried loading it into iMovie and it works fine there as well. I've been able to load this file type into Premiere Pro before and this file has come from the same device as all the others.


      I am running Premiere Pro on Mac OS X and the version is CS6. I haven't changed any of the settings and when creating a Sequence and moving the file to the timeline I select use file settings. I've tried comparing this file to another file that has worked perfectly before and from what I can see they are the same, the only difference really is that the length is longer in this file and the file size is bigger (this movie is 10 mins long rather than 4 mins like the other file). Here are the properties of the file:


      Kind: MPEG-4 movie

      Dimensions: 1920 x 1080

      Codecs: H.264, AAC

      Color Profile: HD (1-1-1)

      Duration: 10:29

      Audio Channels: 2

      Total bit rate: 29,894


      I'm not sure what the issue is and I've been trying to fix it for a few hours. I'd appreciate any help

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          Serberuss Level 1

          Just to add some information to the issue to hopefully help with a solution - the video is absolutely fine and always has been. The video import correctly and I don't experience any skipping or anything. The audio problem is the same whether I preview it or do an export to an MPEG file

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Did you allow time for the audio to conform before doing anything?


            Read Bill Hunt on Audio Conforming http://forums.adobe.com/thread/726693

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              Serberuss Level 1

              I don't get any progress bar in my GUI that others have mentioned so I guess my audio doesn't need to do this

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                All Audio needs Conforming, as it will be converted to 48KHz 32-bit floating point. The display of a a "progress bar" might be instantaneous, or visible for a few moments. The duration of its display will depend on the speed of one's machine, the Duration of the Audio Clip and the exact specs. of the Audio. With MTS files, it usually shows for a bit, as it also monitors the Indexing function's progress too.


                Good luck,



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                  Serberuss Level 1

                  Thanks for your reply. In that case how will I know when it is finished? I take it that happens on import not when I drag it to the timeline?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    You are correct in that it happens with Import.


                    Look at the lower-right (do not think that location has changed?) of the GUI, when you Import a file with Audio. You should see a little "progress bar" show up for a few moments, then disappear. If you Import several files, you should get one for each file. Again, with short Duration files, a fast machine and Audio, that is really close to 48KHz 16-bit (that part will change with Conforming, and CFA creation), it might be quite quick - almost just a "flash."


                    Good luck,



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                      Serberuss Level 1

                      I get no such bar on my program. I've tried doing right click Import and dragging from Meda Browser to the timeline and nothing appears anywhere.

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                        Serberuss Level 1

                        I imported the video to the project and left it there for at least 2 hours so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I would have said a codec issue but it's able to take the other videos that I've used before. Is there a file size limit or something like that?

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                          Serberuss Level 1

                          Sorry for boosting my post but I've discovered a new message which might help with this issue.


                          I did a Media Cache clear in the Media section of Preferences and did another import of the file. I noticed a message bottom right of my screen clicking it reveals this message:


                          "File importer detected an inconsistency in the file structure of Segment_0001.mp4.trans.mp4. Reading and writing this file's metadata (XMP) has been disabled"


                          I don't get this message if I import another file that was working earlier. I'll look more into this but perhaps I'm a bit closer