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    How to port app to internet

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      I am trying to figure out the steps to put my app on the internet for running in a browser.


      The projector is in "Shockwave: format, Standard.

      I also created a html file from Director 11.5 which has the embedded projector.

      I use this html file to run the program from the browser.


      Can I use the same folder structure as on my hardrive?

      I have all my projector and data in a folder called "StoryBook"

      The projectot sits next to the other folders which hold sound and movie files.  "Sounds" and "SBData"

      The projector runs and looks for the the first movie is inside the "SBData" folder.


      I use this path format go to "@/SBData/mymovie.dir"

      The movies are in "protected" .dxr format.


      I added a Xtras folder but am confused which Xtras need to go, both Mac and Windows? I have a set for each platform for my CD but for the web I am confused what to do?


      Addtional files next to the projector? What is needed?


      So far I am getting an error, the projector does not find the movies in my movies folder although it is at the same level.

      It plays the first screen and then quits with an error.


      Am I missing some key piece that I need to upload? Seems it is having a path issue.

      My path structure works on the PC but not on the web. Is it having an issue with the "@" delimiter in my path?


      Thanks for all the help.


      Here is the movie.http://www.readinglesson.com/StoryBook/Opening2.htm



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          Additonal info: I moved the projector file inside the same folder as where the next movie is. But it is still giving me the error that it can not find the movie. The next movie is in both dxr and dcr formats. (same movie saved in shockwave .dcr and. dxr format) but the projector gives same error, can not find the movie.


          What am I doing wrong.? Works on my hard drive?



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            Read an old post by Dean Utian which says to use gotonetmovie as the commnad instead of the go movie I am using. This has solved the problem. Now the Shockwave projector finds the movie. All's well today.