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    laptop screen for PS




      I am planing to buy a new laptop and would like to find out which are the best with PS? The most important thing for me is laptop screen and the colours as I am working with images. I believe MAC Book Pro with Retina Display is great, but what about windows laptops? For example Sony VAIO E Series or any other?


      Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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          Curt Y Community Member

          In general you want a min of 8 gig ram, a discrete video card of at least moderate value of passmark score.  Anything over 1000 may be waste of money.  Best to have 2 discrete internal HD's.

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            m2d3x4 Community Member

            Check if the screen has an IPS panel.

            Even if you know it is IPS, it can still have limited gamut. Most backlights in notebooks have a 70-80% sRGB backlight, which gives a very flat image. A few years ago life was much easier: Dell and IBM still made 1400x1050 and 1600x1200 pixel sRGB CCFL backlit IPS monitor laptops then. Even a Retina MB is not as pretty as those were.


            Apple's Retina MBPr at least has decent sRGB coverage.