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    PSE 11 Error 1305


      I downloaded and am trying to install PSE 11 and keep getting Error 1305. It is trying to find Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.msi in the downloaded files. How can I fix this error. I am using Windows 7 64 bit.

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          99jon ACP/MVP


          What is the source of the download? Have you unzipped the folder and extracted all files?

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            grammiebdh Community Member

            Downloaded from Adobe. The installer seems to have extracted files. I am moving the extracted installation files into the Program Files(286) folder now instead of the users file folder they downloaded from to see if that might work.

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              99jon ACP/MVP

              The default location for installation of PSE11 is Program Files (x86)


              Open the extracted folder and double click setup.exe



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                grammiebdh Community Member

                When I clicked setup, that's when I had Error 1305.  But, never mind! Moving the extracted files worked. It seems to have downloaded and extracted the files in one place then tried to install in another place - the program files folder - and it needed the set up files in that folder. I should have tried that before writing for help! I don't know why it downloaded to the desktop instead of the program folder but it is now installed.Thanks anyway!