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    Question about Panning and Zooming?


      Hello! I am new to Premiere Pro!

      I am working on a gameplay video. I need help zooming in on an unfocused object!


      Here's what I'm trying to do.


      The Purple Bull (Alistar) is moving south as marked with a red bee line.

      The other guy, Jarvan, is being chased by the red monster, Chogath. Jarvan is moving north away from Chogath.


      I want to follow Alistar close-up, and cropped so that I can only see him. Basically focus the camera on him. Like this. ^


      I need Alistar to be focused in on and followed from where he started, to this position.^





      This is what I want to use the pan and zoom for. I have a Video 2, and Video 3. I want Alistar to be cropped in action, while the other video plays behind him.


      Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks for the help and your time!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For Panning & Zooming, over time, one would Keyframe the Fixed Effects>Motion>Scale (Zoom), and Motion>Position (Pan).


          To expose Video 2, if Video 3 is full-frame, there are a couple of ways to do that:


          One could use the Garbage Mattes, to effectively crop out areas of the Clip in Video 3, or they could constrain that Clip, with a Track Matte and the Track Matte Effect. The nice thing about the Track Matte is that one can do soft-edged Mattes, while the Garbage Matte is going to be hard-edged. The Track Matte has a few more steps, but if you do not want a hard-edge, then it is a better way to go.


          Good luck,



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            skeetysh Level 1

            do you know of a tutorial or guide to useing the FX Motion? When I do it, it comes out quite choppy.