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    Creating animation on a MAC...


      With PSE 10 on a PC, I can create an animation file using the burst pix from my camera that runs on the Internet Explorer.

      I don't seem to find any info on how to do this on a MAC with PSE 11 installed.


      Note: For extra points, where can I find any training (online preferably) about PSE 11 training for a MAC?




      --- Rion

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          The flipbook was a windows-only thing, and it's gone completely in PSE 11 no matter which platform you use. On the whole, there is very little difference in the editor between mac and windows, so anything you can find about PSE 11 should be relevant. If they talk about windows, just remember to substitute the command key for CTRL and Option for Alt and otherwise things are pretty similar. The main differences are in the organizer (no slideshow in the mac version, no watched folders, etc.)

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            ukgaurav Adobe Employee

            You can create an animated gif file in PSE with your layers as per the steps below:


            Create an animated GIF


            1. Place the images you want to appear in each frame of the animation on separate layers of the Layers panel. For example, to create an animation of an eye blinking, you would place an image of the open eye on one layer, and an image of the closed eye on another layer.
            2. Choose File > Save for Web.
              Note:  If your image has multiple layers, you can also open the Save For Web dialog box from the Save As dialog box by choosing CompuServe GIF Format and selecting Layers As Frames.


              • Optimize the image in GIF format.
              • Select Animate.
              • Set additional options in the Animation section of the dialog box:
                Looping Options
                Continuously repeat the animation in a web browser, or animate only once. You can also choose Other to specify the number of times the animation must loop.
                Frame Delay
                Specifies the number of seconds that each frame is displayed in a web browser. Use a decimal value to specify fractions of a second. For example, use .5 to specify half a second.

            Fore more info you can browse help link here http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshopelements/using/WS287f927bd30d4b1f-118f00f612e28b29a0a -7fff.html#WS287f927bd30d4b1f-118f00f612e28b29a0a-7ff2.


            For PSE training or learning videos here is how you can start with:





            Hope it helps.