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    Help please - A check list before I purchase components.

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      After many months of reading, and help from members of this forum,

      I’ve been sold on the idea of building an Intel Socket 2011 based system

      for my content creation PC, rather than build it around a Z77 motherboard.


      Socket 2011 seems to offer greater scope for upgrade than do other platforms.

      That upgradeability makes it a long term investment.


      The system I need must be spec'd to perform well across all Adobe production Premium CS6 applications,

      and playback Uncompressed .avi footage in Premiere Pro.

      At a later date I will add a Raid card, and extra disk drives so to help move that high bit rate footage at an acceptable speed.For now; 2x disks in 1 Raid 0 volume will have to do. Other volumes in the system will be single disks.


      There’s some items I’m still not sure about--


      -- which model disks to choose for the Raid 0 volume (is there a less expensive option than the disks I’ve listed bellow, without them being too prone to disk failure?).

      -- what kind of cable connectors I’ll need for the Case Fans.

      -- which model card reader is best suited.

      -- plus a few other items.



      Here’s the system I wish to build.

      Please let me know if there’s anything which needs changing.


      CPU—core i7 3930k, making sure it’s Stepping version is revision C2 / Spec code SR0KY.



      CPU Cooling— Noctua NH-D14-SE2011


      I might swap it’s stock 120mm PWM fan for a Noctua NF-F12-PWM fan IF there’s a worthwhile improvement in cooling performance.http://www.scorptec.com.au/computer/43928-nf-f12-pwm


      Thermal Paste— Is Liquid Ultra the best choice ?



      Motherboard-- ASUS P9X79-PRO.



      RAM-- G.SKILL 64GB (8x8) 1600Mhz.



      Graphics Card—GTX 670-4GB.



      Case— Corsair 600T (purchased). With the addition of DEMCiflex Dust Filters (purchased).


      Case fans—4x Noctua 120mm NF-P12-1300RPM fans.


      (I’ll require extension cables to power them, but am not sure what connectors they require).

      The Corsair 600T case comes with three fans, so it should only need those additional 4x Noctua 120’s to achieve Positive Air Pressure. Those 4 fans can be mounted on the case’s side door/panel (It’s designed to hold 4x 120 mm fans).


      C: drive— SSD : Intel 520 series – 240GB.

      On top of OS and other programs; this SSD will also store 3D model files.



      Media drive—1x WD Caviar Black. 2TB WD2002FAEX.


      Intermediary-video Disks/volume— Raid 0 : 2x 1TB Seagate Constellation ES 7200.I HDD.


      This volume’s sole purpose is to receive Uncompressed renders from After Effects, then import them into Premiere Pro.


      Premiere Exports Drive— 1x 1TB WD Caviar Black (purchased).


      Optical Drive— BD burner (already owned).


      Card reader— Any suggestions? I require one that can read the various types of SD cards out there.


      PSU— 1050 watt – Modular. 1050 watts is about 150 watts higher than the initial build would require, but will be useful when I add more drives in the near future.



      OS— Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit : SP1. (the OEM version, if I qualify as OEM).