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    Windows PPro CS6 (evaluation version) crashes when opening (simple) projects




      I'm encountering a problem in Windows 7 x64 with PPro CS6 (installed as part of the evaluation version of the Master Collection). It occurs both with the version I downloaded using the Adobe download helper tool, and the patched version (that is, after applying the bunch of updates of the master collection). I can reproduce it reliably:

      1) Open PPro, create a new project and a sequence (HDV).

      2) Add a MTS clip into the project, put it to the sequence.

      3) Save the project

      4) Close PPro, Restart it

      5) Open the project that was just saved


      What happens is that the application simply crashes/becomes unresponsive. In the monitor window I see that yellow-ish image telling me that media files are being loaded. I can't say PPro is a very useful application when it does not support to open projects xD.


      What can I do? I simply assume that this behavior is not a feature, so.... maybe the problem is with my system configuration? Note that I do not have QuickTime installed, and I don't intend to do so (I'm avoding anything remotely related to Apple).