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    Will cs3 work in windows 8?

    barb sprenger

      My laptop crashed and I'm about to buy a new one with Windows 8. Will CS3 work in Windows 8?


      Also, can I reinstall CS3 when I didn't deregulated it before my laptop crashed?



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          Rave Adobe Employee

          Hi Barb,


          Adobe CS3 softwares have not been tested and are incompatible with Windows 8 Operating System.

          Please buy the new CS6 version as it is compatible with Windows 8.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Activations can be reset by calling support, but as Ravi said, it is extremely unlikely that CS3 will install and run on Win 8. Even if it wil leventualyl run, there will be limitations or features not working right.



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              barb sprenger Level 1

              Thanks for your quick response.


              I loaded CS3 into Windows 8 and cannot get the FTP component to work. I'm not interested in purchasing CS6 as it's more than I need. If I buy Contribute can I transfer my CS3-built files into that program, within Windows 8?


              Thanks for your help on this issue.

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                barb sprenger Level 1

                Hello Rave and Mylenium, thanks again for your responses. Another question:

                Do you know for certain that CS3 does not work with Windows 8? It's suggested that it has "not been tested" and that there "will be limitations," but has it been formally stated that IT WILL NOT WORK from Adobe?


                If I move to another web design group like Xara, can I load my DW platform of files into that program or do I need to stay within DW or perhaps an upgraded Contribute?


                I really appreciate your advice, if you have suggestions.



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                  hi, I have the same problem too, I bought a new HP with Windows 8 OS, and I tried to install Adobe Production CS3, and I keep getting ''Installer database corrupt'' message, I have read some where else that if I uninstall all Adobe factory produtcs I may be able to install Adobe Production CS3, is that true? but I don't want to uninstall Photoshop Elements and Premiere and then not be able to use Adobe Production CS3 if it does not install, and then have nothing, is there any updated information? thanks

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                    Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

                    it does NOT work. Gives me an error every time. If only Flash was decent PAST CS 3 or you Adobe jackasses listened to your smaller user bases. Not everyone codes games. Some of us animate, You should have left Macromedia alone.

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                      Works for me.  Loaded onto a new Samsung touchscreen machine running Windows 8 64-bit.  Haven;t used it too much yet, but it installed without any issues.  CS3 Production premium.

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                        It didn't work for me.  I had CS3 Master Collection on my old laptop running Vista, which is dying.  Bought a new laptop running windows8, installed cs3 and it told me to deactivate on old computer, which I did.  On new laptop everytime I try and use any cs3 program it asks to me register, then I get an error message and it crashes.  


                        I did adobe support chat and they told me this: 



                        Sowmya: I checked for the information and found that the older version software are not compatible with Windows 8 and hence you are facing this issue.,

                          Paula: so there is no way to use my cs3 on my new laptop?  Is that what you're saying? 

                          Sowmya: Yes, you are correct.

                          Paula: ok. thanks for your time, but that is super bad news for me  



                        I'm thinking about dual operating systems on my new laptop, and maybe that would work. 


                        I really like Xara, but it wouldn't open my DW html file. 

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                          Well I'm about to see if I can CS3 to run on my wife's new windows 8 laptop. I've already got PageMaker running. I'm hoping I can start her transitioning to ID, but she has been doing her lesson plans in PM for years and has no desire to change. If PM will run I'm betting I can get CS3 running too. I'll keep you posted as to what I have to do. I sold the printshop so I personally have stopped at CS4, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't upgrade if I needed to, but there are a lot of users out there who find the old stuff still does all they need. I was supporting clients who were still running PM6.5 and Quirk 3.3 and I was willing to support them, though I will admit keeping an old Mac for OS9 was a pain.

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                            I need to know if this Adobe Creative Suite3, Web Premium will work in my Asus computer running Windows 8.  It's a brand new box...never opened....and would prefer to sell it off to someone unopened if it won't work.

                            I'd trade for CS6 if I have to...or whatever WILL work in 8.  I can't afford to get involved in the montly rent for the cloud.

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                              There is a Virtual PC option in Windows for running older versions, as well as preferences for optimizing the OS to run that program in an "older fashion".

                              Look for XP mode or right-click the program & the preferences for compatibility.

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                                I own the Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Design Premium (Have the Disks).


                                My old computer (with Vista) has gone to meet its maker in the other online world!


                                My new computer has Windows 8.


                                I was able to install the program.

                                At first, I received an Error "The file AdobePDF.dll is needed". I checked online and found an answer for the Windows 7 O/S (Mick's IT Blogs: "The file AdobePDF.dll is needed" when installing CS3 on Windows 7 64-Bit) I tried it. Like I said, I was able to install CS3 (It even asked me for the serial number the first time I used Acrobat) but now it's telling me that it will not run on my machine! I'm getting the same message now when I try to open PhotoShop.

                                Any help would be greatly appreciated.


                                I'm wondering if should download a trial version of CS3 from the Adobe website and use my Serial Number to activate it?

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                                  This may be a bit dated, but here is a link from Microsoft confirming it is compatible:

                                  Windows 8 compatibility for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended version 10