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    Overlays and colour dodge printing

    Dragonwalker Art



      I am currently attempting to create a wood grain background.

      I saw that using an overlay gradient really makes it look a lot more realistic but this is to be printed so I am not sure if this is basically treated as a transparent gradient and may not print. Another step in the tutorial I was looking at was also to add another overlay with a colour burn tool so it creates a lighting effect. Again, does this add transparency (my gut is telling me yes).


      Here is the tutorial so the effects are better explained (step 8 and 9) - the other steps I have not used as I drew the grain by hand:



      I had an earlier issue where I had created gradients with a part of them transparent and they did not print and so I have been avoiding transparency at all costs. The funny thing was when I had a group of objects at 80% transparency they seemed to print fine.


      Could someone give me advice on what is print safe and what is not when it comes to such effects.


      Thank you.