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    Hardware, OS Choices for PPro CS5...


      Hi, like everyone....I'm on the continuing quest for free space!


      I have a custom box with a 500GB main drive, and a hot swappable 1T drive. Also... 8 Xeon processors and 12 gigs of ram on a supermicro server board & a GTX260 video card. All in a Thermaltake portable case! She runs sweet!!


      Never had a problem w/ the box or Vista U! And rarely have a problem w/ PP CS5...although, lately I have had Encore burning problems...which I think is related to my main drive space being down to 3 gigs!


      My biggest problem is "keeping" open space on my main drive! I now have about 25gb's in apps and "maybe" 20gigs of files on my main drive (that I can see!)... We're talking over 400GB's of used space that the OS is in control of??!!


      What gives?


      I have used utilities and qimmicks to free up "dead" & "temp" & "shadow" files but nothing substantial has happened! Except when the first time I used a utility, it freed up about 50gb's! Then it quickly disappeared within a month!! I have 3.7 gigs of free space on my drive...and it's very frustrating!


      I use this computer for both graphics and video editing & creation and store "just files" on my swappable drive...which doesn't have any issue w/ space.


      *Should I use another windows OS and be better served? I have several 64bit apps, could that be an issue w/ VistaU? How much "free" disk space is needed on my main drive for rendering/transcoding, and Encore burning?  Is there something I'm overlooking as far as utilities for freeing space?


      My box is constantly gurgling and churning while online! Everytime I startup there is a constant whittling away of my drive space!! Someone suggested keeping my box offline, and removing any, and everything not needed for vids and graphics! Seems extreme.


      I pride myself on being somewhat computer literate...but this "space issue" is a black science, and very frustrating to me!!


      Thanks for any help you can provide! Ron