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    Importing Photoshop layer glitch?

    Intercostal Level 1

      I imported a PS file that has 14 layers into AE CS5.


      I brought the comp of it into the timeline.


      It automatically imported it as a 2 frame comp, which I know I can change.


      The problem is that one frame is correct, the next is flipped horizontally?   I haven't added any effects to the comp.


      When I lengthened the comp and then stretch timewise all the layers with in it, the first half the all the frames are correct, the second are flipped horizontally.


      What is going on? I just want a comp to be 30 seconds and have all the layers within the comp 30 seconds, and I want them all the way I created them, not half flipped horizontally.


      Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone? I've imported a 4 layer layered PSD and didn't have this strange problem.





      EDIT: This is because I accidentally had import sequence checked. It was importing a previous version that had the image flipped horizontally.