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    File suddenly ActionScript 3?

    Rayven Wolfe Level 1

      Ive encountered a strange issue.


      I've been working on a project for school which started on Flash CS 5.5 and was made with Action Script 2.0.  I am working at home and using the trial version of Flash CS6.  Today, after saving my work, I'm suddenly getting all kinds of warnings and errors that are telling me about Action Script 3.0.  I've saved the file here at home a few times already and nothing like this had happened.  Is there some flag, preference or saving alternative I might have accidentally altered?  I've tried now to purposefully save the project as a CS 5.5 file as well as a 5.0 just to see if it would stop, but those have not been successful.


      I can't just use Action Script 3.0 for this project.  My instructor told us to use 2.0 and he hates 3.0.  Even if I could work my way around my file suddenly being in 3.0, I don't think he'd appreciate trying to grade it.