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    Mura and CartWeaver


      I was thinking about starting to use Mura and CartWeaver as a solution for building out sites since most of the sites I do are e-commerce.  Having not used either one of these before I was just wondrering if I could get opinion of both of these applications either as standalone or together.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mura is a fantastic CMS. I use it at work and I love it.


          I have not used cartweaver and I do not knowif it yet integrates with Mura (I think they were working on that).


          I would recommend you also take a look at Slatwall. It is an e-commerce solution designed to integrate with Mura. It is free and open-source and I have heard nothing but good things about it, though I have never used it.



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            Mura is a very robust and capable CMS. 


            The Cartweaver 4CF Mura plug in fully integrates with Mura, In fact during development our lead CF developer, Michael Evangelista, worked very closely with the Mura team to be sure the integration is tight and seamless.  Feel free to pop into our user forums - http://forums.cartweaver.com or email me directly with any questions you may have.  One of the additional advantages of Cartweaver 4 CF is that Cartweaver is good as a standalone e-commerce solution that can de integrated into a regular web site, it works great in CF Eclipse, or in Dreamweaver using the Cartweaver Dreamweaver extension, as well as with Mura, using the Mura Plug in version, so it can function as your go-to e-commerce solution for any sort of project you are working on.


            If you have asny questions justy let me know.  lawrence  at  cartweaver  dot  com


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