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    Presets and libraries

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          angiesing Level 1

          when trying to save a subset of a library, once you highlight what you want to save in the preset manager, where is the 'Save Set' option located? i cannot find it. i want to save my actions according to the maker (Florabella, MCP, Paint The Moon) and have them separated in the "effects" category so i can easily navigate to them and also see their thumbnail.

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            27Prac Level 3

            Whenever you add any effect in Elements 11 through Preset Manager , the PSE creates a new category "My Effects"automatically and save the loaded action permanently. Again if you load any other effect and this effect also gets added to the "MY Effects" category and is saved permanently and so on.That is why Save Set button is not provided for effects.


            So as per the implementation it seems that you cannot the choose the individual effects and put them in one category.  This is how it works.

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              angiesing Level 1

              ok. so 'Save Set' is an option in the other libraries in the preset manager, just not the 'my effects' library.


              i have read on many reviews that actions are so much better in PSE11 than previous versions, but i can't even see all of my actions when i go to 'actions' because i have so many. i am certain i must be missing something, otherwise PSE10 would be WAY better b/c i could see my actions and thumbnails and didn't have to load each one individually into 'my effects'. i have hundreds.


              any tips or pointers?

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                27Prac Level 3

                There is another way to load action into PSE. Through "Window Menu>Action"