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    Quiz results and check answers

    Mr. Aztek Level 1
      This is the AS in the final frame of a 10 question quiz. With each answer from previous frames, it adds 1 to the score (var Score; which is multiplied by 10 at the end) if it is correct, otherwise it doesn't add anything, and it changes the value of AC(#)Correct from 0 to 1 (the # is in relation to the question). That part is working.

      However, there was and additional idea to have a 2 frame movie clip, one with a green check, and the other with a red x (to denote correct or incorrect). If the value for the AC(#)Correct was changed to 1, it would move the frame of the related instance (mcA#) to the "correct" frame. However it doesn't seem to be working and they are all remaining on the "incorrect" frame. I'm missing something but it's eluding me. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks a heap!