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    How to CREATE an RSS Feed in DW CS6?

    MLBdesigner Level 1

      Hi - I am currently using Dreamweaver CS4 and RSS DreamFeeder from rnsoft.com (which is no longer supported) to create a customized RSS Feed for my website.   I'd like to migrate to Dreamweaver CS6, but I already know that RSS DreamFeeder won't work in it - and so I'm asking here for advice on how (or what tool) you think is best for me to create an RSS Feed.   [I do not mean how to include an existing RSS feed into my website - instead I need to CREATE a custom RSS Feed for my website.]


      What I like about the old (now unsupported) rnsoft.com tool is - it allows me to create a custom feed, and include images as well as URLs, all within Dreamweaver CS4... so that's ideally what I'm looking for, but for within DW CS6.   Does such an extension for DW CS6 exist?  I've done several searches both here, and on google - and I don't find anything that is specific to DW CS6 for creating rss feeds.  There are some third-party tools (which are separate from DW CS6) that I suppose I could use - but ideally I'd like to stick with just one development environment.   Plus - what I'm doing seems like something that should be fairly common, right?


      Here is my current DW CS4 / RSS DreamFeeder-generated feed:




      and so that is exactly what I'd like to generate from within DW CS6.   Any advice?  Thanks in advance for your help!