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    How to save/close PDF form (distributed via FormsCentral) multiple times before submission?


      I created a form PDF using Adobe Pro XI.  It was imported and a distributable copy was created through FormsCentral.  It seems that the resultant PDF form can only be saved and closed once before submission.  It appears that if my customer tries to use Reader to fill in the form partially, save it locally, close the file and reopen it at a later time to complete and submit, then the Extended Features get lost and my customer cannot use the form anymore to complete the desired workflow.


      I've tested this myself on my Windows 7 and Mac OS X (Lion) computers.  My version of Reader is the latest free version, 10.1.4.  My version of Acrobat Pro is also the latest, 11.0.00 (currently in trial).  I posted this question on the Acrobat>Forms>Discussions forum and found a recovery possibility tested/proven by George Johnson, a forum MVP.  He suggested that I post the question here in hopes to find a way to never have the problem in the first place.


      What am I missing - is Reader limited to one open/save/close cycle for submission of PDFs made distributable the FormsCentral?  Why do further attempts promt the Save As dialog that ultimately drops the Extended Features that are necessary for the form completion and submission?


      Please help ASAP - this is a complete roadblock that will prevent us from moving forward with the Adobe solution for our customer data collection using Acrobat forms!