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    Cant autorise my pc for Adobe Digital Edition.


      Cant autorise my second pc with my Adobe ID for Adobe Digital Edition. I just have Adobe Digital Edition an my Netbook (which i dont use anymore) and Smartphone. Now i wanted to read my eBooks on my main Computer and i got an error when i try to autorise my eBookReader. Can anyone activate this Pc for my Adobe Digital Edition?

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          Because noone is answering me, i try again.
          Im sorry that im german and hope someone can understand this:

          Wie viele Geräte lassen sich aktivieren?

          Sie können bis zu sechs Computer oder mobile Geräte aktivieren und geschützte PDF-Dateien gemeinsam auf ihnen verwenden.


          It means that i can have 6 gadgetry autorisied and i just have 1 and should be able to autorise this pc.


          Thats the Error massage i got:


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            First, you should not expect someone to answer you within half an hour.

            This is a user forum, and not run by Adobe.


            Next, from what I can tell, Adobe is not sending you this message.  It is

            coming from photos-hochladen.net. IT says:



            Since it is not a message from Adobe, I don't think we can help you.



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              I tried to contakt a support, but all i could found was this forum (actually the adobe homepage send me here). And yes first i tried to uplode this image with a websoftware, but i have found the uplode button and now the picture is corret. And thats what is is: a picture from my error massage. I could also make a picture fron the whole autorise process, but i dont think thats usefull.

              I can describe my problem again if this may help:

              I donwloaded ADE today for this computer and wanted to autorise this pc so i can read my eBooks now on this pc. But as i tiped in my ID i got an Error saying this ID is already in use and i cant autorise this pc. But the terms of use say i can have 6 computers, smartphones, etc., autorised with one ID and thats my second pc i wanted to autorised.

              My old Netbook is broken and so i can just read this Books on my Smartpone now and thats a little small so i wanted a bigger display. But now i seams i cant read them anymore.

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                OK, let's try to sort this out.


                The first thing is that ADE does not support Smartphones.  So you can't

                download an ebook to ADE and transfer it to your Smartphone.  You cannot

                download an ebook from the Smartphone to ADE either.  The operating systems

                are not compatible, so the programs (like ADE) don't work together.  You

                must have downloaded the ebooks to your Smartphone by some other method.


                The next thing is that Adobe keeps track of ADE user ID's on its servers.

                If you have used an ID before, then Adobe will give you the message that it

                is in use when you try to use your PC.  You can change this.  Here is how

                to try:


                Open ADE and then press the CNTLSHIFTD keys at the same time.  ADE will

                respond.  Then, close ADE.  Now open ADE again and it should ask you to

                authorize.  Type in the user ID you want to use, and ADE should tell you

                that it is accepted.  Now you should be able to download an ebook to your

                computer with the ID you want to use .  But keep in mind that ADE will not

                let you use any other ebooks that it has stored if they do not have this

                ID.  You can go back and forth between ID's by using this method, however,

                so you can get back to the other ebooks.


                I hope this helps!